Album: Demo 2010 (2011)

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Band UPS! was formed in September 2006. year. The whole story begins with the 2005th , when the current drummer (Darko) and former bassist (Boki) met at one of the rehearsals of Petrovac hardcore band ("Pigeons and cabbage") which is the current singer-bassist UPS! a (Mandow) then played. Then Darko got the idea to make a punk band! Boki and Darko then begin preparations for trial, finding room for the exercise, move the acquisition of instruments (of course not beaten dinars in his pocket, so that the instruments were always someone else (until recently)) ... In the meantime, plans for Darko learns Mandow and joined the band, that would be after a very short time band, joined by guitarist (Luka), his arrival is formed band named "Barabe".
Initially, the band makes a lot of their own songs, some of them were: "Dama" ,"Prica o pankeru", "Nas glas", "Piromanska himna" and many others ... Of all the songs, leaving only "Prica o pankeru" ! During the first year the band also covers of many punk and hardcore bands. An interesting story band UPS! is about their first gig! UPS! (The then "Barabe") its first gig had not in his home town, but in the Veliko Gradiste on one of the meadows on the banks of the river Dunav! The instruments were placed on the grass without any stage, while behind Performing "stage" look flock of sheep along with his pastor who has watched a bunch of confused kids who make noise! The whole "happening" was passed with a lot of angry audience, and the band had a show real punk gig! Later they had a lot of gigs at Branicevo and beyond.
On the band UPS! was influenced by bands like: Pennywise, Rancid, Bad Religion, NoFX, Bouncing Souls .... And of course the local bands (old school) like the inevitable Atheist Rap (which they also were the models), Dza ili Bu, Goblini, etc.. Taste in music the band members was similar (speed, melody and plenty of vocals (mostly listening to punk and HC)), so the band's music evolved in the direction of "fast and melodic" punk hardcore with a short harmonic sections ...
Early 2007. The band members UPS! come to a mutual agreement to change the name of the band from "Barabe" in the "UPS!" which would mean a revolt against the system! Complexity band lasted until July 2009. Boki, when deciding to leave the band. Boki (bass) on "RIFF" Gitarijada 09 in Petrovac na Mlavi playing their farewell gig! The (dis) honor of the former bassist, the band makes the song titled "Boki ide Grand," which became a local hit after his departure. For a few Sunday was replaced by Misa (guitar), with just a guitar (only then) take the current singer-bassist (Mandow) and the band continued on with their work. In September of 2009 entered the studio "Mr.Sound" in Petrovac na Mlavi in Ivana Radosavljevic and Igor Mihajlovic, where they start recording their first demo PROMO album which is finished in May 2010.. Of course, released a free download!
Also, in 2009. The winners were the qualifications GBOB in Livingroom SKC in Belgrade, and participated in the national final GBOB in the great hall of SKC, Belgrade, where they won the honorary position 11 of the possible 15 finalists, since they were the only punk band of the possible 70 and some bands, how many took part in qualifying GBOB CHALLENGE SERBIA 2009. Since then, many have made progress in Serbia, and received many offers to perform abroad (most offer was rejected (because of private obligations of members of the band), and some were postponed for the summer of 2010) The offers are coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia , Macedonia, Bulgaria,Slovenia, Montenegro ....
Nearly a year after entering a new guitarist, (Misa) Unfortunately in August of 2010 left the band, on his last gig in Sremska Mitrovica, where the band "UPS!" then proceed with his work as a trio. After a short break of two months, the band "UPS!" In October of 2010 he went to the first four days tour to Slovenia and Croatia with the band "White Stain" from Ljubljana, was first performed outside of their country, with a lot of good success with the new experience. The band has the material for his first album which will most likely be recording in until April 2011 when the band is also "UPS!" celebrate their fifth birthday.